• October 12-14, 2018 in Folsom, California

    MacDonald: The Legacy Continues

  • Focus

    The focus this year will be "The Legacy Continues." We will talk about Michael and Judy Phillips' almost 50-year vision of bringing the works of George MacDonald to new readers.


    Several others, including Joseph Dindinger of Wise Path Books, will share how they are being grafted into that vision, and what is now truly becoming our united vision for continuing George MacDonald's legacy.


    Some exciting things are on the horizon that we will jointly share to take our shared vision into the future...


    The invitation is for readers of both writers who share and perhaps want to actively participate in our vision of continuing the legacy of both George MacDonald and Michael Phillips.


    We can't wait to see you.

    George MacDonald


    Forerunner of the Inklings – Scottish minister, poet, novelist, and imaginative seer – MacDonald was one of the most beloved Victorian authors throughout of the 19th century. He wrote some 50 volumes of novels, poetry, short stories, fantasy, sermons, and essays. His influential body of work placed him alongside his era’s great men of letters and his following was vast. Two decades after his death, his books were pivotal in leading C.S. Lewis to Christianity.

    Michael Phillips


    Michael Phillips is widely known as George MacDonald’s redactor, publisher, and biographer, whose vision and editorial expertise – building upon the forerunning work of C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth Yates, and Rolland Hein – helped bring MacDonald back from obscurity in the 1980s when his realistic novels had been nearly forgotten. Author and editor of over 100 books, Phillips’ efforts helped ignite the MacDonald renaissance of recent years. As one of those responsible for the widespread renewal of MacDonald’s influence, Phillips is recognized as among the world’s foremost purveyors of MacDonald’s message, with particular insight into the Scotsman’s heart and spiritual vision.

  • "I feel a deep debt of gratitude to the Phillips for their work"

    - John K.

    "Not only did Michael Phillips' efforts introduce me to MacDonald but I have gained much through Michael’s own books as well..."

    - Michael K.

    "I was at Michael Phillips' small gathering of GM/C.S.Lewis fans many years ago at his cabin in the mountains. It was a fabulous and very blessed time with wonderful conversation and Scottish music and dancing!"

    - Sharon E.

    "Michael opened up my eyes to the wealth of Macdonald through his novels and sermons."

    - David G.

    "McDonald is my husbands favorite author, and he has read Michael Phillips translations all his life."

    - Tina H.

    "It would be wonderful to meet with a group of people who appreciate George MacDonald as the Phillips do."

    - James H.

    "I've always admired Michael and Judy and their work."

    - Peg V.

    "Michael Phillips has definitely been instrumental in raising awareness about MacDonald, who for a long time really lingered in the margins of literature."

    - Jennifer K.

    "Michael and Judy have done so much to carry MacDonald's legacy forward. So grateful for that!"

    - Janet M.

  • Schedule



    Friday, October 12

    3:00 – 5:00 “Meet and greet” at Phillips home.
    6:00 Dinner provided
    7:00-8:30 SESSION 1
    8:30-9:00 Return to lodgings


    Saturday, October 13

    10:00-10:30 Oatcakes, tea & coffee.
    11:00 SESSION 2
    12:30 Lunch provided
    2:00 Break, free time, informal discussion.
    (Bring swimsuits if so inclined.)
    5:00 SESSION 3
    6:00 Dinner provided
    7:00-8:30 SESSION 4
    8:30-8:45 Return to lodgings


    Sunday, October 14

    10:00-10:30 Oatcakes, tea & coffee
    11:00 SESSION 5
    12:30 Lunch provided
    1:00-2:00 Farewell until next time!

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    Michael's 70th birthday was last year shortly thereafter he seemed to say,


    “Hmm, now that I’m 70, I need a new project!”


    Ever since he has been working 10-12 hours a day non-stop on what he has been calling Project X —the magnum opus of his lifetime work with George MacDonald. Now he is ready for your help to make it a reality. All this to say …


    ... this may be the MacDonald-Phillips

    gathering you don’t want to miss!